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Practical information for the Maldives


No vaccinations are required to enter the Maldives. On arrival at Male airport a tourist visa for a period of one month will be issued. Your passport must be valid six months after your return date.

The importation of alcohol, pork and pornography is prohibited in the Maldives.


The national currency is the ruffiya. A euro is worth about 20 ruffiyas and USD 15.75 ruffiyas. The euro and US dollar are accepted on the islands and onboard our boats. Tipping the crew: 80$us per week.



Sunny and warm throughout the year: 26 to 35 ° C.  Storms in May / June and October / November.  Tropical rain between July and September.


Time Difference 

Local time is GMT + 5 hours. In winter there is a 4 hour time difference with Europe and a 3 hour time difference in summer.


Electricity and connection

All boats are equipped with generators providing continuous 220V as well as adapters for plugs. 

The cellular network covers much of the territory with many 3G points.


Fresh water onboard is provided by desalination.

Mineral water is included in your package.


We recommend that you have high protection sun cram. Bring your usual medications but also a set of waterproof adhesive bandages, paracetamol, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, soothing eyedrops and ear drops against otitis that can occur at any time. For people prone to seasickness we recommend: mercalme, cocculine or "Sea-band" bracelets.

Pack in your bag

A hat or cap, swimsuit, light shirts, bermuda shorts, skirt or long dress, sandals, high-protection sun cream and sun glasses, mosquito repellent  for village visits.

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