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The Maldives. Beautiful coral islands. The real pearl of the Indian Ocean.

The white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees, the lagoons filled with turquoise crystal clear waters and the wealth of life underwater make this country ideal for diving and snorkeling. In its warm clear waters (28 °) fish both big and small will amaze you.


Nature seems to have created these exceptional landscapes for the delight of divers and snorkelers alike. Independent since 1963 the Republic of Maldives is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean 650km south of India and 760km west of Sri Lanka.

It is an archipelago composed of 26 atolls scattered over 800 km from north to south and 160 km from east to west. The country has nearly 1200 coral islands of which only 200 are inhabited by 400 000 inhabitants.

The ocean occupies 99% of the territory. The main resources are tourism and fishing. The ocean plays a very important role for the population and the economy of the country. The capital Male has a third of the population and is the administrative center of the country. You will land at Male International Airport located on the neighboring island of Male, Hululhe.

During your cruise you will discover the beauty and richness of the sea, enjoy local life walking through Maldivian villages and succumb to the charm and calm of deserted islands.


Croisière Plongées Maldives
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